Why The Eff We Are Not Spending Any Money In February…Well Almost No Money


(some pics from our “mardi gras” weekend)

We recently made the announcement that we would not be spending any unnecessary money in the month of February. We were quickly met with various reactions ranging from: “OMG! That is great! I need to try that!” to “Ha! Yeah Right!” or “Well, you have to buy gas and groceries.” The latter I wanted to respond sarcastically with a “No shit Sherlock!” But I politely smiled, and explained that we would only be spending money on necessities, and that is was only the unnecessary items in life we would be eliminating, for example, eating out. There is no reason you NEED to go out to eat, but in my house, we do it A LOT! In the month of January, we spent over $600 in eating out. Do you know how impactful and extra $600 could be in my life!? Right….you probably don’t, so let me explain.


 Don’t we clean up so nice!?

For those of you who know me, you know that I went to law school. For anybody with a pulse, you know that law school ain’t cheap! Grown Up Amy is still paying for the whims and wishes of young whippersnapper Amy to this day, and so, the hubs and I have decided that we need to change our behaviors to prevent Retired Amy’s social security from also being used to pay down this massive debt that incurred by that youngster with a dream. With that being said, we took a long hard look at our 2015 and realized we did ourselves no favors last year. Sure! We had a hell of a time. We did a lot of super awesome things like saw The Dave Matthews Band, and went to Disney, but even outside of those big events, we realized we were just bleeding money on things like going out to eat ALL. THE. TIME. Now, I can give you a million excuses for all of those times we went out to eat, but it mostly boils down to a lack of planning. We don’t have a plan for dinner, and BOOM! Hello Bdubs!

Now don’t get me wrong, we are experience people more so than materialistic people so even when we have a plan we can easily get caught up into going out to eat or for drinks after work. One thing that being experience seekers over materialistic worshippers that has been a good thing is that we don’t want to have a lot of things. In fact, in our effort to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, we have started to purge things from our life. But the one thing that trips us up, is the feeling that we have to be out spending money to experience life. We love live theatre, concerts, going out to eat, going to the movies, getting cupcakes at fancy schmancy cupcake shops etc. Anything that is an experience is something we simply cannot resist, but that is changing for the next 29 days! We had a little Mardi Gras, if you will, Friday and Saturday night this past weekend. We went out and lived it up. We went to karaoke and had drinks, and the next night we went out for a very delicious, expensive meal. We spent over $200 in one weekend!! The weekend prior, we spent $150 on “entertainment.” We had a great time both weekends, but ultimately, neither of these experiences got us one step closer to enjoying a debt free life.

jan8 jan7 jan6

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about failure. It’s only February 1st, and I am already feeling the guilt of possibly missing a show my friend is in. Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, and we always go out to eat to celebrate. I am going to have to tell dear, old dad that we will have to cook him something this year. There’s a kick ass brewfest we wanted to go to, etc. but here’s the thing my friends, every month is full of obligations and super fun things to do. It’s tough, but ultimately, we need to become debt-free. Sacrifices must be made, and while one month of no spending isn’t going to catapult us into the debt free life, it is a start. It is a step in the right direction, and that is where we must start….with one step.

So, to my friends out there who are also passionate about becoming debt free, are you ready to make some sacrifices? If you are ready to take charge of your life and your finances, join us for No Spend February! It is not too late to get started. Maybe you spent some money today or maybe you didn’t. The nice thing is, it is a leap year and so you got one extra day this month anyway! Share you experiences at #Nospendfebruary Get ready for a month of soul searching and really focusing on what’s important in your life!

This is me after day 1: None the worse for wear!


My Talented Friends!


5 thoughts on “Why The Eff We Are Not Spending Any Money In February…Well Almost No Money

  1. Anonymous

    Way to go O’Briens! Host a game night or movie night… Or a kick ass roundtable discussion group and we can join you in embracing these very necessary attitudes and habits!!

  2. Amy

    You should! It’s not too late! It’s been a rather liberating week. I don’t feel so controlled by money. It’s pretty awesome

  3. Amy

    I can’t see who commented what. I will be spending the weekend fixing this site! Lol. Anyway to whoever commented on the top about game night or round table discussions give me a call!! We can definitely do that!

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